New technologies for
retail sales and trade
All your products in one place.
Show your customers everything you can offer, regardless of the quantities, dimensions or storage conditions.
Place all your products on one square meter at the point of sale using the StorPad interactive storefront.
A solution, that works.
When the warehouse is in one location and the stores are in another, the StorPad will help gain as many customers as possible.
StorPad will automatically fulfil your stocks and will form the task for the warehouse.
Update the content quickly and easily.
  • Import the full product range, add new categories, filters and characteristics
  • Create banners and upload media contect for all StorPads at once or for each separately
More customers
Observe how your customer base is growing and analyze customer behaviour.
Process statistical and behavioral data, classify, research!
Available analytics.
Obtain data from all the stores
using the web service.

Analyze the orders in the context of StorPads, cities, shops, product categories, customers and period. Track online the status various StorPads.
Choose a display according to your tasks
Starts from $486